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Photo Gallery  Carinthia 7

Barcelona juni 2007

CARINTHIA VII • L: 321'5"; Y: 2002
If you go back to “The World’s 100 Largest Yachts” edition from last year, you’ll find a same-size yacht named Fabergé that made her debut—that was the project name given to this blue-hulled stunner due to a confidentiality agreement. Heidi Horten, a German retail heiress, commissioned her from Lürssen for strictly private use, no chartering. She’s the big sister to the 30-year-old Carinthia VI (see no. 32), which thus far Horten seemingly has no plans to sell. If you’ve ever wondered if one megayacht could make another one look downright small, then keep your fingers crossed that one day you’ll see the two Carinthias side by side—those who already have can attest to how this one practically dwarfs her little sister. And frankly, this one is a heckuva lot prettier, with Tim Heywood’s deft design work ensuring she’ll stand out for a long time to come. Something else we’ve seen that makes the two yachts stand out: matching Bentleys parked along the quay just a stone’s throw from their transoms.
B: Lürssen, Germany; N: Tim Heywood; H: Steel; E: 4/9,925-hp MTUs 



Venice  2006